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Hi, I'm Eva ​Georgieva,

and I'm a Security Engineer

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Penetration testing

Wide range of testing packages ​available, including vulnerability ​scanning, cloud infrastructure ​assessments, web, API, mobile ​penetration testing packages. ​Cybersecurity is not just a ​checkbox, assess and maintain ​your security at a continuous ​cycle.​

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Whether its your defensive armor ​that needs strengthening or you ​are curious about offensive ​strategies, or the incident already ​happened and you need some ​mitigation advice, you are at the ​right place.

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You might be new to the ​cybersecurity telenovela, there ​are too many characters and the ​plot is quite confusing and you ​need some guidance on where to ​start and how to get an entry level ​job without 3-5 years experience, ​if that's the case,​ let me guide you.




BS Computer Science

Computer Science and Engineering


Penetration Testing (Android, IOS, ​Web, API)


Cloud Security Assessments

Log Analysis

Malware Forensics

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About Eva

I have over 3 years of experience with working on both offensive and defensive teams, from ​conducting penetration tests for web applications, web servers, mobile applications, APIs to ​setting up a SOC center from scratch, analyzing logs, setting up alerts, monitoring the systems, ​creating reports based on that data, maintaining and improving the overall alerting system. Having ​a wide spectrum of job roles and responsibilities allowed me to build methodologies and skills ​utilizing the perspective of both the defender and the attacker.

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Highlight Project: ​#hackintocybersec

hackintocybersec is a cybersecurity course ​designed to guide the way when one decides to ​enter the world of cybersecurity. For this course I ​partnered with Ollmoo (https://www.ollmoo.com/) ​where we specifically target women with a goal to ​bring free cybersecurity education to women ​worldwide and contribute towards reducing the ​gender gap in the field. The idea is to create a ​strong community and space for women in ​cybersecurity where we can continuously share ​our knowledge, experiences and support each ​other.

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Why is it ​unique?

This course introduces basic concepts ​from defensive and offensive security ​with a hands-on approach where ​scenarios from the perspective of a ​Security Analyst, Pentester, Incident ​Responder, OSINT researcher are ​analyzed with an emphasis on the ​different mindset, methodologies and ​tools.

It is a one-of-a-kind course that offers ​the opportunity to get an overview of ​what the industry has to offer so you can ​find your genre and get prepared for your ​first cybersecurity job.

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